Love & Creation

They aren’t limited by trends or seasons but the spirit of Kron by KRONKRON is timeless and above all feminine. All collections are made to mix and match previous collections, making the design easily collectable and timeless.

The designer duo behind Icelandic label KRON by KRONKRON is the couple Hugrún Árnadóttir and

Magni Þorsteinsson. Hugrún graduated as a fashion designer from Studio Bercot in Paris in the year 2000. When back in Iceland she met influential hairstylist Magni and love was in the air.

Their background is different, but ties in an excellent way. They have in common their love for fashion and beauty and ambition for making their visions come to life in the most vivid way.

The same year they met this dynamic duo started their own business and opened up their first shop, Kron, a stylish shoe shop on the main shopping street in Reykjavík.

Hugrún and Magni’s love for color and creation and strong aesthetic vision was the drive for their own brand, KRON by KRONKRON. In 2008 they launched the brand with their first shoe collection.

“The first idea was the one we had in our mind the whole time. We designed just as we liked. No prefigure was used, only colors and joy of creation.”

Because of their uniqueness, their designs were noticed from the beginning. Capturing hearts of women all over the world,the KRON by KRONKRON shoes were soon sold worldwide and are getting stronger with each collection made.

There are no compromises in the KRON by KRONKRON designs. It´s a wonderful mix of all the colors in the world, with amazing details like frills and bows and unusual combination of different materials and textures. The shoes are also always made of best quality material; leather, brushed leather, suede and lacquer.

Following the success of the KRON by KRONKRON shoes, the duo added a line of clothing for spring/summer 2010. The clothing carry the same spirit and essence as the shoes. Finest silk dresses with beautiful colors and color combinations. Lovely prints and a lot of details, they are elegant and adventurous at the same time. The ready-to wear collection was a huge success from the start, both incapturing the essence of the shoes and fitting with women’s desires and needs. High in quality, the clothes are feminine and elegant, so distinctively KRON by KRONKRON.

The KRON by KRONKRON collections can be described as colorful, original and extremely attentive to details. It’s beautiful and you can feel the love for creation and the colors of the world.

Since Kron by KRONKRON does not follow seasons, each collection has it´s own name and story of Inspiration:

Born 2009

Born 2010

Born 2011

Born 2012

Born 2013